Summer is soon approaching, which means at Blackdown Shepherd Huts, we are ready to sit back and enjoy the Summer plans we are creating, including a possible stay in a shepherd’s hut!

If you are planning to stay in a shepherd’s hut this summer, we thought a few of our favourite super summer tips might be useful to help you to make your shepherd’s hut stay the best ever yet.

Pack Smart

We all know that shepherd’s huts can provide cosy accommodation and a getaway you will never forget, but if you’re anything like us, you probably pack way too  much and don’t wear half of it! So, a little prior planning about what you will wear and when comes in really useful.

Our top things to pack include comfortable clothing for different weather conditions, sturdy footwear for outdoor activities, the essential toiletries, and any extra but only necessary items you need for your stay. Some shepherd’s huts already provide some essentials like towels, body wash and shampoo so don’t forget to double check the amenities of your hut, as well as local amenities around where you are staying.

Photo Credit: Tom Holmes

Research The Area

Whilst we do love a spot of spontaneity at Blackdown Shepherd Huts, having a rough outline or plan can be very helpful. Do you know of some local good activities you could find, or local eateries that are a local legend must-try? We love supporting local businesses and believe that getaways no matter how long or short they are, are an ideal way to help support the area you are staying in.

Embrace the Outdoors

One of the charms of staying in a shepherds’ hut is being close to nature. Take advantage of this by planning outdoor activities like walking, building sandcastles, relaxing in the woods or enjoying a picnic. There are several benefits to being in the outdoors, so why not use your getaway as an opportunity to experience everything the world has to offer. Don’t forget your suncream, hats, and insect repellent to stay comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.⁠

Respect the Environment

Shepherds’ huts are often located in rural areas. Therefore, we always suggest that where you can, do respect the wildlife, be mindful of the lanes you will likely travel down and other road users. Most shepherd hut stays will have bins that you can use, but where you can, try to recycle, or take any rubbish that doesn’t fit in a bin home with you rather than leaving it in the wild. We always suggest following any guidelines provided by the hut’s hosts as they will know the area and the local council guidelines the best.

Leave The Stress Behind

It can be very easy to book a holiday with the best intentions to relax, but it is also far too easy to still bring stress with you. Where possible, leave gadgets or reminders of work responsibilities such as laptops or work phones at home. If you have to bring it with you for emergencies, then make sure they stay packed away and/or on airplane mode so that you aren’t tempted to check your devices every 5 minutes. What happens at home, can stay at home. But until then, relax and soak up every last second of your getaway.

Where should I stay?

⁠If you need some inspiration on where to stay, then head over to @shepherdhutbreaks. This is a site entirely dedicated to owners of Blackdown huts within the glamping sector and provides a variety of huts to choose from. So whether you are a solo traveller on a big adventure a family, looking for a beach stay or a woodland one, there is a shepherd’s hut waiting for you this Summer.

Happy booking!⁠

Amy x