We chatted to several of our shepherd hut owners who use them in a variety of ways – but they all had one thing in common….their huts make them very, very happy! So, to celebrate International Day of Happiness, here’s snippets from those happy people.

Emma Warren: ‘My hut, Dimpsey, is a glamping hut for guests, and it’s a little bit of lovely luxury. We take great pride in making it look and feel like a five-star retreat, and we always go the extra mile for guests for romantic occasions or birthdays.

‘We have such fun creating the interior and updating it to reflect seasons and trends that we think fit with the Dimpsey experience, which is all about reconnecting and relaxing. It’s a pleasure to see the difference having some time out at Dimpsey makes for our guests, which, in turn, makes us very happy!’

Adrian Herring: ‘Creating my hut was the best thing I’ve ever done. I spent six months building my den retreat so I could have my own sanctuary away from it all. I spent two days a week for about four months building my hut, which is hidden away in my eight acres of woodland. Blackdown Shepherd Huts delivered me an Oak Chassis self-build hut and the whole process of putting it together was a total pleasure.

‘It was a real sense of achievement when I completed my hut – I thought “I made that!”. I use the space and time in the hut to disconnect, it’s also a delight to share it with my wife and friends. My mates and I go there to get back to nature, chopping wood for the burner and chilling out. It was great fun to construct an adjacent building to accommodate the loo in the same style as the shepherd’s hut.’

Jo Taylor: ‘I am lucky to say I own a Blackdown shepherd hut surrounded by the natural environment tending to my pretty little garden of natural herbs and wild flowers. Listening to the stream and the birds when I wake up and the sigh of the nearby horses brings my focus back to the present moment and the days are long and calming.

‘I can snuggle up by my log burner in the crochet blanket my mum took weeks to make and read. Taking time to just be and relax away from busy life pressures, practice my meditation and yoga in peaceful surroundings which brings me joy, peace and immense happiness.’

Jo Simpson: ‘My she-shed sits in place under the ash tree in our garden. She is curtained, rugged and kitted out with a chair and a sheepskin and scatter cushions. I use my hut to help me on my literary venture and when I need inspiration I toddle down across the garden, light the stove and watch as the flames warm up my life and give me room to breathe.

‘I am sure at some point my she-shed will assume another guise – grandchildren’s playhouse, perhaps, or a spare room for visitors. But right now, my shepherd’s hut is my room of my own, and when you visit it’s my retreat, my rules!’

Happy day of happiness to you all!